GNS Y-antenna splitter ISO for Falk S100

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GNS Y-antenna splitter ISO
for Falk S100

(for usage with a compatible TMC-adapter for yourFalk S100)

GNS y-antenna splitter ISO for Falk S100

The GNS Y-antenna splitter ISO for your Falk S100 allows the use of the exisiting car radio antenna with ISO connectors for receiveing TMC singals.

The wire antenna delivered with your TMC-adapter is no longer needed. Thus the GNS Y-antenna splitter for your Falk S100 provides for order in your car's cockpit. Coevally, your Falk S100 will be supplied with the same, good antenna signals like your radio what will - depending on the quality of your vehicle's antenna - improve the TMC reception considerable. Radio reception will not be affected by the GNS Y-antenna splitter.

The installation of the Y-antenna splitter is incredibly simple. Just pull the car radio out of the dashboard and then disconnect the antenna plug. After, connect the one connector of the Y-antenna splitter to the plug of your car radio antenna and the other to your radio's socket. Now, lead the connection cable for your Falk S100 at the desired position out of the dashboard. Hide the Y-antenna splitter in the radio slot and finally insert your car radio back again. Now connect the connection cable of the Y-antenna splitter, which you just before lead out of the dashboard, with the TMC-adapter of your Falk S100. That's it.

In the Box:

  • GNS Y-antenna splitter ISO for Falk S100 with 2,5 mm 3-pole phone plug (for use with a TMC-adapter)

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