Travel charger for Falk S100 - home charger

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Travel Charger for
Falk S100 - home charger

Travel charger for Falk S100 - home charger

Travel charger for your Falk S100. This home charger provides your your device everywhere with energy, where a socket in the vicinity. Be on the safe side, that your Falk S100 is charged to full power at any time. Also when traveling, this home charger ist your perfect accompaniment. With this travel charger, you can charge the battery of your Falk S100 world wide at every compatible socket. The home charger adjusts automatically to the local mains-voltage between 100 Volt and 240 volt.

The compatible travel charger for your Falk S100 in OEM quality distinguish itself through the use of selected premium materials and first-class processing. It meets the highest security and quality standards. Due to the integrated charging electronics with security-chip, it turns automatically to trickle charging, when the battery is charged completely full. Overcharging or overheating of the battery of your Falk S100 is impossible with this home charger.


  • In: 100-240 V AC
  • Out: 5 V DC, 1,0 A permanent

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