Car charger with TMC-antenna for Navigon 7210

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Car charger with TMC-antenna
suitable for Navigon 7210

Cable length 1,45 m

Car charger with TMC-antenna suitable for Navigon 7210

Car charger to connect to the cigarette lighter socket. Low-priced but nevertheless high quality generic product suitable for your Navigon 7210. Built-in TMC-antenna to receive Traffic-messages. With status LED in the cigarette lighter plug. Suitable for 12V und 24V usage (PKW / LKW). Straight mini USB connector.

The intelligent charging electronics with security-chip ensures a constant and optimal charging process adapted for your device. As soon as the actual charging process is completed, the electronics switches to trickle charging. Thus is guaranteed, that the battery of your Navigon 7210 will be fully charged, but not over charged. Due to the integrated overheating protection, this car charger is also suitable for quick-charging.

In the tip of the cigarette lighter plug is a self exchangeble micro fuse to protect your Navigon 7210. Unfortunately, with low-priced chargers will be often renounced on this. In the case of a malfunction, in the best case "only" the charger will break, what means, that again you have to buy a new one. But if you are unlucky, the expensive SAT-Nav will be dammaged too. Thus you should not buy a charger without an exchangeble micro fuse!

Product features:

  • Input: 12V / 24V
  • Output: 5V 1A
  • Cable length 1,45 m
  • TMC-antenna built-in into the cable
  • Exchangable micro fuse in the plug

Delivery scope:

  • Car charger suitable for Navigon 7210

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