Brando screen protection film for Yakumo delta 300

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Brando screen protection film for
Yakumo delta 300

Brando Screen protector for Yakumo delta 300

This Brando screen protection film for Yakumo delta 300 protects the screen of your Yakumo delta 300 from dust, marring and scratches. Due to it's matte surface, it diffuses sharp reflections and eliminates the mirror effect.

The Brando screen protector film for Yakumo delta 300 is not just another screen protector and can't even be compared to those cheap plastic sheets you buy by the dozen. This PREMIUM screen protection film from the Brando Workshop is considered by many to be "the perfect Yakumo delta 300 screen protection! " The screen protector offers not only protection against scratches or marring on the surface of your Yakumo delta 300's screen, it actually improves the handwriting performance of your Yakumo delta 300. If you just buy one accessory to improve your Yakumo delta 300, this is the one to get.

The Brando screen protection film is very easy to apply on your Yakumo delta 300 and can be removed, washed and reapplied time and time again. Provides anti-glare benefit that is particularly handy in fluorescent lighting or outdoors.


  • 99% Clear transparency
  • Anti-reflection
  • Easy, bubble-free installation
  • Guaranteed edge adhesion
  • Removable with no residue
  • removable and reapplyable
  • washable
  • Dust and scratch prevention
  • Anti-glare benefit
  • Improves handwriting performance

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